Kids Program

Below you will find information about Zero G Brazilian Jiu Jitsuthat sets us apart from all the other martial arts schools in Brooklyn. This will help you decide if Zero G Brazilian Jiu Jitsuis the right school for you and your child. We are located at 180 Hoyt Street Brooklyn, New York 11231 Our qualified instructors take a deep interest in your child’s success. Students receive a level of professional and personalized attention that can’t be found elsewhere.

Our kids program develops strong minded and bodied children. We focus on giving your child the confidence needed to succeed in life and to achieve goals. At Zero G Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we have developed a curriculum that will teach your child the most effective self defense techniques in the world. A child’s self worth and self esteem, will directly impact each stage of personal development . Anything that can negatively affect their self worth and self esteem could have terrible consequences that will echo through out the child’s life. A main core of our curriculum is focused on anti-bullying techniques. The skills learned in the Kids BJJ and MMA program will give your child the self worth and positive self image to carry their head high, and project their self confidence